Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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​2019 YBA Boys/Girls High School

2019 Levels

  • HS Sponsored Elite (Sponsored Teams, NCAA Showcase Tournaments/Travel)
  • HS Elite (NCAA Showcase Events Included)
  • HS Travel Team (Local and Bayarea Travel)
  • HS Local (Local Sacramento Events)

Register for Tryouts/Workouts (Click Here) once registered you will receive updated info, team and details. 

YBA will offer 4 Levels of High School Teams 2019 Sponsored Elite, Elite, Travel and Local Teams. 

2019 Will highlight college coaches and recruiters on staff in 2019. Why does YBA have college coaches on staff? College coaches network with other college coaches and their jobs are to promote to other schools that maybe a better fit for players. With so many options of colleges it can be overwhelming at times. YBA will give information on the recruiting and preparation process for college and network to get your child to college. We will do this with a high-level staff that is experienced with the process to help you. YBA has over 150 NBA, Pro and college player who is next?? 

YBA College Coaches On Staff:

  • Imhotet Amen-Ra (William Jessup University NAIA D1) 
  • Brandon Cole (Metro University/Fresno Pacific University NCAA D2)
  • Chris Collins (American River College JC)
  • Brett Couchi (Folsom College JC)
  • Pauletta Hendrix (Former Chico State College Ast Coach and Recruiter NCAA D2) 
  • Dave Garcia (William Jessup University NAIA D1) 
  • Marcus Moore (Regis University NCAA D2) 

High School Tryouts Boys/Girls

Schedule your FREE Evaluation/Workout/Tryouts

Text/Email (916) 276-5367 or Kengeeyba@gmail.com 

Location: Hardwood Palace

  • Feb 10th College Info Night Question/Answers 8:00-9:00
  • Feb 17th & Feb 24th Girls 2019  Evaluations/Workout 15U/16U/17U 6:00-7:30 
  • Feb 17th & Feb 24th Boys 2019  Evaluations/Workout 15U/16U/17U 7:30-9:00 
  • Mar 3rd Boys/Girls 2019  Evaluations/Workout 15U/16U/17U 7:00-9:00 
  • Mar 4th-23rd (Evaluation/Workout Invite Only)
  • Sponsored Travel Team  (TRYOUT INVITE ONLY)

Feb/Mar Optional Evaluation Games 

(Evaluation Games Deducted from Spring Fees)

  • $20 (2 Games)
  • $100 (6-12 Games)

High School Coaching Staff: Men

17U Sponsored Elite Team Brandon Cole (Metro University/Fresno Pacific University) 

17U Elite Team Marcus Moore (Regis University) 

16U Sponsored Elite Team Adam Al Mujadidi (Foothill High School)

16U Elite Team Dave Garcia  (William Jessup University)

16U Travel Team TJ Little (New Hope Christian University)

15U Sponsored Elite Team Chris Collins (American River College)

15U Travel Team Zach Phares (Encina High School)

15U Local Team Anthony Anderson (Granite Bay High School)

(No Practices April 15-19th)

YBA 15u Practices (Phares/Martain)

  • 15U Practices Wed HWP Ct1 6:00-7:30 (Mar 4th Week)
  • 15U Practices Thur HWP Ct1 6:00-7:30 (Mar 4th Week)
  • 15U Practices April-May Thur 6:00-7:30 HP Ct1
  • Feb 23-24th 15U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 2-3rd 15U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 9-10th 15U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 10th Finalize teams

16U & 17U 

  • 16U & 17U Practices Tuesday HP Ct 1 7:30-9:00 (Mar 4th Week)
  • Feb 23-24th 16U-17U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • March 2-3rd 16U, 17U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • March 15/16/17th 17U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 18th Finalize teams

15U/16U/17 Elite (INVITE ONLY)

  • Practices TBA 
  • March 2-3rd  15U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • March 16-17th  15U, 16U, 17U  (Evaluation Tournament)
  • March 23-24 15U, 16U, 17U  (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 24th Finalize teams


High School Tryouts Girls info:

High School Coaching Staff: Women

17U Elite Sponosred Travel Team

  • Imhotet Amen-Ra (William Jessup University/Pacific Union College)
  • Haley Shaner (Eastern Washington University/Colorado Christian University)

17U Elite Travel  Mike Shaw (Capitol Christian)

16U Elite Travel Ken Gee (YBA Director) (Mike Shaw) (Capitol Christian)

16U Travel Travel Pauletta Hendrix (Chico State College)

15U Travel Team Brett Couchi (Folsom College)

(No Practices April 15-19th)

  • March 11th  Girls 2018 TRYOUTS 15/16/17U 6:00-7:30 (Roster spots held for playoff players)

YBA 15u Practices 

  • 15U Practices Mon HWP Ct4 6:00-7:30 (3/12, 3/19)
  • 15U Practices Thur HWP Ct2 7:30-9:00 (3/15, 3/22)
  • 15U Practices April-May Thur HP Ct2
  • March 10-11th 15U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 15th Finalize teams

16U Elite Shaw 

  • 16U Practices Wed HP Ct 4 7:30-9:00  (3/14, 3/21)
  • 16U Practices Sun HP 7 6:00-7:30 
  • 16U Practices April-May Wed HP CT4 7:30-9:00
  • March 10-11th 15U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 15th Finalize teams (Roster spots held for playoff players)

17U Elite Taylor-17U Tet-16U Taylor

  • 16U-17U Practices Mon HP Ct 2 7:30-9:00  (3/12, 3/19)
  • 16U-17U Practices Thur HP Ct 2 7:30-9:00  (3/15, 3/22)
  • 16U Practices April-May Wed HP CT4 7:30-9:00
  • March 10-11th 16U-17U (Evaluation Tournament)
  • March 17-18 16U, 17U  (Evaluation Tournament)
  • March 24-25 16U, 17U  (Evaluation Tournament)
  • Mar 26th Finalize teams
  • April Practices  Thur 7:00-8:30 American River College
Frequent Asked Questions:
  • When can my child officially tryout? Players can tryout once they are not participating with the school team (including playoffs) 
  • What work out tryout dates should I make? As many as you can (more players will attend when playoffs conclude)
  • How much is it? Spring is $500 for Elite, Travel and Local Teams
  • Who are the coaches? (Click Here)
  • What are Sponosred teams? These teams has sponsors who pay for National Tournaments and Travel Cost
  • What are Elite Teams? These teams Travel and play in National NCAA Showcase Events
  • What are Travel Teams? These teams travel to the bayarea and play locally
  • Do you have a local team? Yes local travel team play at Hardwood Palace and Sacramento Areas Evants (Everyone travels to us)
  • Why so many College Coaches? College Coaches network with other college coaches
  • Spring Practice Days and Times? TBA
  • Can players play up? Players can tryout for any age group or team  (Expect teams to be very competitive) 
  • Should I pay for scouting services? They are mostly money grab's don't do it
  • How can I get recruited? #1 Grades open many doors for your child! Your child is a D1 Player if your child is getting calls from D1 College coaches every day in the contact period. If your child is not in that category we will work with you to find the College for you and network you to your Dream School, Realistic School & Fall Back School. 
  • Will my child get a scholarship playing in NCAA showcase events? College coaches will be in attendance YBA will network for you we have over 150 College, Pro and NBA players (Who's Next) 

Elite/Travel/Local Spring and Summer Cost Detail:

  • Spring $500 Mar-May (Includes local tournaments & NCAA Showcase, Coaches Stipend, Practices and Training)
  • Summer $200 July (Includes local tournaments Coaches Stipend, Practices and Training) NCAA and National Travel Schedule (Click Here) is posted book early for saving on hotels and airfare.
  • Travel Option Availble